Most offices don’t know how much they can save on their internet bills

Diane Hoey

"I just work here..."

Isn’t that the most annoying thing you hear ever?

When you get told that it’s because you’re trying to solve a problem and they don’t know the solution. Phone and internet companies don’t hire people that know how to solve problems, they hire people that can sell to you.

That's where I come in. I’m a telecommunications professional and an expert in my field.

My 27 years of experience means that I will solve your problem and find you the best possible phone deal for your business.

My clients know when they call me that I will always have an effective communication solution that adds value at an affordable price. And that’s why they keep coming back.

How Diane saves you money

  • Consultation


    We meet to discuss your needs

  • Deal Search

    Deal Search

    I look for the best offers for your business

  • Installation


    I broker the deal and ensure you get the best setup and service

How Diane improves customer service

Diane believes the best way to improve customer service is through more and better options. Most people are only aware of 1 or 2 options to fit their telecom needs. These options usually come with products or services built in that you simply don’t need but are forced to pay for anyway. The first thing Diane does to improve your experience is give you access to telephone solution options that match your situation perfectly but still allow you room to expand and grow.

When you have selected the perfect package, Diane saves you time and irritating customer service phone calls by acting as a mediator between your chosen company. She cuts through red tape and annoying jargon to deliver the best possible price and service.

Sometimes there is information, jargon, or acronyms that you will need to understand. Diane takes the time to walk you through how your deal works to ensure you know exactly what you are getting and how it works.
Diane goes the extra mile when the deal has been made. She will print off handy guides for your employees on using the technology provided and continues to be a friendly expert to talk for questions, advice or support.

In short, Diane Hoey improves customer service by giving you more options, educating you on phone services, mediating between you and the company, and being there always for you and your staff.

Case Studies


SAVED: $474/month

Industrial Lock saved hundreds a month by consolidating

Mark Silver was wondering why his phone bill was so high. Instead of call forwarding through his companies we consolidated his lines and saved him hundreds.

Cut their bill in half

The Antelope Valley Union High School District saves thousands of dollars a month

Diane made their phone lines more efficient, more personal, gave employees individual phone lines and saved them thousands of dollars a month.


Unique needs client

Fast Undercar can respond lighting fast to customers

A local wholesale auto mechanic supplier delivers parts within 10 minutes of phone calls. We made that happen for them.

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I have found Ms. Hoey to be very personable and appreciate the professional manner in which she represents our district. I believe Ms. Hoey’s consultant services worthy of consideration and believe that any organization fortunate enough to obtain her services would be enriched by her professional contributions.
Mat Havens
Director of Property Acquisition and Development