Industrial Lock & Hardware

1 Location (Palmdale CA)
5+ Employees 

Industrial Lock & Hardware is a lock manufacturer and locksmith business located in Lancaster California. The owner, Mark, was paying close to $1000/month for phone lines and wondering why the price was so high for such old technology. Diane was called in to analyze where he could save money.

By inspecting Mark’s bills and the structure of his business, Diane concluded he’d been spending far to much through call forwarding from various other locations that Mark had acquired. This call forwarding was not only very expensive, but complicated his business.

Diane worked to consolidate his existing phone lines into a single system, upgraded his technology, and gave Mark a fixed wireless carrier for faster internet speeds. Through this process he saves over $450/month. His phone lines now run through one central location, but because of the upgraded technology it’s simple to navigate and use.

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